The zone of reality

We have heard of comfort zone, each and every one of us have a zone of comfort where we feel safe and under control. the more you push yourself outside the comfort zone, the more you develop as a person, collect experiences, get the bigger picture and get insights. You can also discover things that makes you happy or can help others, that’s why stepping outside the zone of comfort is so interesting and brings more happiness.


I believe that the same magic can happen if you explore outside your zone of reality. What I mean by that is that you have a box, a zone of believes. That the earth is round, that there is a God or no God, that you have 5 sences and not 6 or the other way around. realityzone


There is so much believes, history, facts and imaginations just in front of our nose. Lets have a look and try to explore them so maybe we can enlarge our zone of reality and bring good things to ourself and the people around us.


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